The scientific journal of the Association

Name the scientific journal: Scientific Journal of community service goal: to provide scientific nucleus able to employ the results of research and studies to serve the community colleges locally and globally. Description: refereed paper and electronic magazine, published every three months and interest magazine to publish the same context of scientific studies based on methodological foundations in contract research and studies related to the faculties of society on the one hand and community service on the other hand, whether it be academic or teaching or education or development level professional, administrative or social, economic or cultural.

Publishing conditions in the magazine:

  1. The magazine accepts publication of research in Arabic and English; and where the following conditions are met:

    - Have a look authentic, and meets the conditions of scientific research based on scientific and methodological assets recognized in the writing of academic research.

    - The research should be written in proper language, and taking into account the rules of control and accuracy fees and Alo_kal- if any - and printed on the system (MS-Word) size (16) and line (Traditional Arabic), and shall not exceed the search pages (30) pages, including footnotes and references.

  2. Take into account the following references

    - - When using the books as references to search: Male publishing house and place of publication and page number, the name is written to the author's full name, and then placed between the date of publication Hasrtin, followed by the title of the book and below the line, and following it.

    - - When using periodicals (magazines) as references to search: little article His full name, and date of publication between Hasrtin, then the title of the article, and then said the magazine and underlined name, and then the folder number, then the volume number, and issue number and number of pages.

  3. Search should not have been published previously or submitted for publication in any other.
  4. The magazine reserves the right to take out search and highlight the headlines in proportion and style in publishing.
  5. Welcomes the publication of the magazine that arrive from Dissertation Abstracts that have been discussed and vacationed in the area of community colleges, to be a summary prepared by the owner of the same message.

Second: Procedures Published:

  1. Send research, studies and all correspondence concerning the
  2. Find sends electronically, to the magazine explained above address, so that it appears in the search researcher scientific name, surname, and place of work, and his field
  3. Accompanied by a summary of the research to be published in the range of (100-150 words) in Arabic - that the search in the Arabic language - or English - that the search was in English.
  4. Encloses research brief biography of the researcher electronically, including the title of researcher in detail, and home phone numbers, work and fax-if any - in order to facilitate communication with the researcher when necessary.
  5. If you accept the search initially, they are susceptible to the arbitrators of specialists in the field of research, and are chosen strictly confidential, and offering them a researcher or statements name, so as to express their views about the authenticity of the research, and scientific value, and the extent of the researcher's commitment to generally accepted methodology, and ask the arbitrator determine the validity of the research for publication in the magazine or not. In the case of acceptance, the researcher is obliged to pay (SR 300) in exchange for arbitration and publishing costs.
  6. Researcher notify the decision of the validity of his research for publication or not in two months - at the most - from the date of receipt of the search, and the date of publication, the issue number which will be published the research.
  7. In the case of the receipt of observations from the arbitrators, send those notes to the researcher to make the necessary adjustments which, to be returned to the magazine during a maximum period of one month.
  8. Research that have not been approved for publication will not be returned to the researchers.
  9. All rights reserved of the Saudi Society for community colleges, and may not be re-issuance of any part of this magazine or Akhtzanh or transmitted in any form of publication or translation without prior written permission of the publisher.
  10. Ideas and opinions published in the journal bearing and the views of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of those responsible.

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