"Organization by a number of programs and disciplines of study for two or three years of study at the intermediate level between the high school and undergraduate programs this institution and features comprehensive and flexible to fit in with the needs of individuals and society and the needs of the development of human resources plans and tend to the programs of study where to expire certificates without Bachelor called the degree of participation and a draw in the Kingdom Diploma junior colleges, a university degree medium. "

In terms of goals:

The main objectives of the community colleges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is
  1. Providing a comprehensive and diverse programs include rehabilitation of the functions needed by the labor market in the local community.
  2. Contribute to the absorption of high school graduates who have the tendencies of scientific disciplines and their desire to speed rehabilitation.
  3. Initialization to complete the study and from the university education

In the context of jobs, community colleges are a range of functions including:

  1. The greatest aAbsorption of asylum Higher Education: since these colleges provide educational opportunities for the most graduates of secondary education at a lower cost than the university.
  2. The initial university education: The student is studying in a college program is similar in terms of quantity and quality of the first phase (first and second year) of university education found in large universities.
  3. Training Occupation: Vklaat trained community enrolled in its programs on the professions that do not require high skill during the study period, ranging from a semester to two years. This program features Bastjabath to the variables of the labor market could be modulating training and modernization program quickly in line with rapid changes or surprise in the labor market.
  4. Continuing Education: Vklaat community to provide opportunities for education outside the framework of certification through training and re-training of those who are on the job, and who wish to learn life skills, cultural, regardless of their age or the nature of their business.
  5. Position educational: This includes the preparation of decisions or programs offer the opportunity for various segments of the society they are young or old to increase their awareness and their culture and their own.
  6. Development Position: Vklaat community to provide assistance to students who have not been absorbed by higher education institutions to address the lack of qualifications and the development of basic skills.
  7. Position guidance: through the provision of advice to graduates of high schools on the most appropriate options for them to take in order to avoid falling in at their convenience.