Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors

director 01

Dr. Walid Anumei

Community College in Riyadh

director 01

Dr. Abdaziz Arifi

Vice President
Community College in Riyadh

director 01

Dr. Jassim Al-Anzi

Community College in Riyadh

director 01

Dr. Osama Al Faraj

Secretary of the Board
Community College in Riyadh

director 01

Dr. Turki Coa

Board Member
Community College in Riyadh

Composition of the Board of Directors

  1. The Board of Directors consists of a number of active members is not more than nine selected by the General Assembly by secret ballot from among their members to be at least one third of the employees of the university, which established the Assembly
  2. Membership of the Board of Directors for three years, renewable once.
  3. If a Board member is absent from council meetings for three consecutive times, without an acceptable excuse, the Governing Council considered resigning.
  4. When a vacancy membership of the board members chosen by the General Assembly for some reason the Council selects a replacement, and require the approval of the General Assembly on that at their first meeting.
  5. Chooses the Board of Directors by secret ballot from among its members as President for a term of three years, renewable once to be employees of the university followed by the university, as the Board selects from among its members as Vice-President, and Secretary of the Board, the Secretary of Finance.
  6. The Chairman of the Board representing the Association in front of others and delegate them to contact the formal and informal approaching in the UK and abroad in accordance with the statutory procedures prescribed, and has the presidency of the General Assembly.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors will hold a regular meeting every three months, shall not be valid unless attended by the majority of its members, who may hold extraordinary meetings whenever required to do so more than half of its members or request a fifth of the members of the Assembly or the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and in this case is limited to the meeting to discuss topics Council for her contract. The Board issued decisions by a majority vote of those present, and when the equality of votes, the voice of President of the Council is probable.

Terms of reference of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall have the following:

  1. Budget proposal of the Assembly.
  2. Preparation Assembly Agenda.
  3. Proposing the general policy of the Association within the framework of the objectives set out in these rules, and presented to the General Assembly for approval.
  4. Proposal to the internal rules of the Assembly and organization of work.
  5. Formation of committees and specialized groups to perform assembly tasks and activities.
  6. Preparing the annual report of the activities of the association and submitted to the specialized university councils after its adoption by the General Assembly.
  7. Determine the annual contributions of members.
  8. Commissioning of studies and research.
  9. To approve the holding of seminars, courses and seminars in accordance with the relevant regulations and pursued by the university.
  10. Accept gifts, donations, grants and aid