For Assembly

Saudi Association of Community Colleges established under the approval of the King Saud University Minutes eighth meeting, held on 01/05/1429 AH on the Memorandum of Association and submitted to the Council by the Community College in Riyadh, and the issuance of the scientific council decision to his meeting twenty held on 07/03/1429 AH formation of ad hoc founding committee of the Association Saudi community colleges are working on the follow-up to the Constituent Assembly proceedings.

And derive Assembly importance of service to community colleges and contribute to achieving the objectives of the university and the community of Saudi Arabia, along the lines of the experiences of other countries that have preceded us in the establishment of community colleges and especially the United States of America the cradle of these colleges, and Canada was the first country after the US .altdh have adopted for this type of education Higher

The association known as community colleges in the United States for American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) and know the Canadian Association for Community Colleges Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC). These HSI has achieved a lot of goals and objectives that led to the development of community colleges in each of these two countries. After looking at their experience of each of these two associations in community colleges, it turns out that they have made a lot of achievements that led to the development of community colleges in their respective countries. The following is a brief summary of the two associations for community colleges.