General Assembly

General Assembly consists of active members .otakd General Assembly ordinary meeting once a year at the invitation of Chairman of the Board, and the meeting will be valid unless attended by a majority of members, if the majority did not attend the Jazz hold another meeting in two weeks and is meeting right who attended. And may, at the request of the board of directors or five members of the General Assembly held an extraordinary meeting if necessary.

Terms of reference of the General Assembly

General Assembly seek to achieve the objectives of the association and has in particular the following:
  1. Issuing rules regulating the internal workings of the Assembly.
  2. Approving the annual budget of the Association to approve the closing account for each year
  3. Adoption of the annual report of the Association
  4. Selection of members of the Board of Directors
  5. Approving the annual work plan provided by the Board of Directors
  6. Discuss all presented its agenda and asked members discussed matters within the scope of work of the Assembly or interest in and to take appropriate decisions.
  7. Choose a president of honor Assembly upon the proposal of the Board of Directors

Honorary President of the Assembly

General Assembly, upon the proposal of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the honor of the nomination of Assembly from among their concerns known personalities areas Assembly for a single term of three years by a decision of the University Council, with the presidency that attended the sessions.

The association Vmyzanytha

Basically Assembly and does not rely on its own resources and is
  1. The outcome of the annual contributions of members.
  2. The outcome of what you sell Assembly of publications and bulletins which offers services within the limits of its objectives.
  3. Matakdh Assembly revenues of courses and programs.
  4. Gifts, donations, grants and aid offered to an association of university or public or private bodies or individuals, which the Board of Directors decides to accept
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Second: The Assembly's budget and final accounts

  1. The financial year of the Assembly and ending with the financial year of the University.