Objectives of the Association

  1. Contribute to raising the reputation of the Saudi community colleges locally and globally
  2. Exchange of experiences between the faculties of the Saudi community and between the community colleges Arab, regional and international
  3. That the Assembly will become a forum in which member schools problems and issues are discussed to reach a successful solution
  4. Develop programs and curricula and teaching and community service in community colleges Arabia
  5. That the Assembly will be the link between the faculties of the Saudi society and the environment surrounding the public sector and the private sector level
  6. Providing advice and do the necessary to raise the level of performance in the community colleges in the Kingdom studies in the light of local and international accreditation standards
  7. Providing professional development opportunities to build effective leadership in the context of the management of community colleges practices
  8. Raising societal awareness of the pivotal role played by community colleges in the context of sustainable development
  9. Provide sources of information about the statistical trends of the performance of the Saudi community colleges, and best practices related to
  10. To work. Providing information on graduates of community colleges through the electronic assembly to provide suitable for specialization job site, according to market needs