General Provisions

Rules governing Scientific Societies

  1. Assembly linked to the activities of the director of the university, which was established where or his authorized representative
  2. Assembly shall establish the executive rules do not conflict with the materials these rules and be approved by the university, which established the Council of
  3. Minutes of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors adopted by the university followed by the Director or his authorized representative
  4. In the case of the difference between the Rector and the General Assembly or the Board of Directors to raise the topic of the University Council, and his decision shall be the final
  5. If the dissolved Assembly (for whatever reason) property devolves to the university created by
  6. If the university was moved from one university to another all her belongings and documents transferred to the new university
  7. Higher Education Council the right to interpret these rules
  8. Works by these rules from the date of approval
  9. The application of the provisions of these rules on the Saudi Association of Community Colleges